UI Communicator Intern
@Ness Digital Engineering, în Iași County, Romania


We’re looking for interns for our well-known client TiVo – the next generation television services company.

Here is what you’ll get to do:

  • Work with UI Designers, Software & QE Engineers – don’t worry if you have not seen these highly specialized individuals before;
  • Gain experience on managing User Interface specifications – it’s actually more interesting than it sounds, loads of pretty pictures …
  • Get to understand what people do in a Product Development company – brace yourself!
  • Write and maintain, detailed written UI specifications – hopefully your English is not just good, but very good and you are aware of the differences between AmE and BrE.


Here is what you'll need to be successful:

  • Clear & organized writing – hopefully writing essays is your strong suit;
  • Above average attention to details – noticed the four misspelled words?
  • Analytical thinking – we’re leaving in a complex world with complex problems;
  • Pretty good communication skills;


Why participate?

Because you’ll work with people who are smart, passionate and energetic, just like you.

You will interact with Ness experts and get to work hand-in-hand with experienced mentors.

You will be part of Ness Digital Engineering Iasi Center and get to be involved in projects that serve key vertical markets that include Software and High-End Technology, Education, Media and Publishing, Financial Services and Transportation.

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