@Allevo, în Calea Vitan nr. 23C, Bucuresti, Sector 3


Knowledge to be acquired:
– Team work experience in the Verification & Validation department of Allevo (in accordance with Carnegie Mellon University USA CMMI model)
– Working with various technologies like:
• OS: AIX, Linux, Windows (including HA Clusters)
• Middleware: WMQ, Apache MQ
• Database: Oracle, PostgreSQL
• Application Server: WAS, Weblogic, JBOSS, Apache Tomcat
• Allevo products
– Involvement in a complex open source project, aimed at insuring worldwide financial interoperability
– Active learning in Allevo’s Verification & Validation team


- Computer Science University, Electronics and Telecommunication University, Cybernetics University, Mathematics University (in progress or finished)
- Other universities with computer science profile(in progress or finished)
Minimum requirements:
- General knowledge of databases and SQL queries
- General knowledge of operating systems (Windows, Unix)
- English advanced
- Willingness to learn new things
- Communication skills
- Flexibility


• Professional training: courses, workshops, conferences, support for certifications
• Being part of a dynamic, professional and highly skilled team
• Being part of financial and banking projects we develop in Romania, as well as abroad

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