Software Engineering Intern
@NavVis GmbH, în Munich, Germany


You will work on:

  • Our WebGL-based IndoorViewer
  • Android / iOS indoor positioning and augmented reality apps
  • Our famous LIDAR-, RGB- and depth-camera-based 3D mapping trolley


You have:

  • A background in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics or related areas
  • Hands-on coding experience and the ability to produce elegant software that gets the job done
  • A healthy dose of curiosity and eagerness to learn from the best experts in the field

You are:

  • Motivated to work independently but also open to collaboration in teams
  • Creative in coming up with outside-the-box ideas
  • Available for 2 months or longer, or looking for an exciting bachelor/master thesis

We will be thrilled if you have:

  • Already coded your own apps, games, etc.
  • Knowledge in 3D modeling, 3D game engines or WebGL
  • Built your own robots, quad-copters or alike


We provide paid internships! :)

Working at NavVis is rewarding - innovation happens every day

It is sometimes hectic, very exciting, and always fun! Every day, you will find yourself facing different challenges, learning new things, working on cutting-edge technology, and building cool, high tech products.

You will not have co-workers - instead you will have supportive teammates you can bounce new ideas off of. At the end of the day, you will have a great sense of accomplishment, having contributed to building something completely innovative at the frontier of today's technology.

Does working on the latest and greatest technology in your field motivate you? At NavVis we have some of the world's leading experts in computer vision, image processing, and 3D mapping, and we work side by side with academia to push the frontier in these fields. You will have access to the newest gadgets (sensors, scanners, cameras, etc.) and research findings.

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