R&D Computer Vision Engineer
@FotoNation, în AFI Park 5, Bulevardul Timișoara 4a, Bucharest, Romania


You will be part of our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Visual Perception Teams. These guys are responsible for building the brain behind digital eyes, making sense of the world the camera sees. Our technology is one of the main pillars for successful image acquisition, face detection and recognition, object tracking or pedestrian detection. This technology is also essential in enhancing modern automotive driver assist technologies, as well as conferencing and surveillance solutions.

Your responsibility inside the team will be to develop proof of concept demo applications on PCs, integrating and experimenting with state of the art machine learning algorithms. You’ll finally understand what the fuss is all about around big words like convolutional and deep neural networks or generative adversarial networks, which everyone keeps using. Technically, you’ll become the new genius in town!

You’ll learn all these things and many more because our colleagues are eager to give some courses on photography, programming, machine learning and image processing.


You must have a solid understanding of Computer Science fundamentals (things like data structures, algorithm design, memory organization, complexity analysis) and good software design and coding skills. This can be in any programming language, as long as it’s C/ C++ (you know nothing else matters).

Knowledge of machine learning such as convolutional neural networks, strong mathematical background or information theory is a big plus.

If you’re really smart and willing to do cool things, you are the person we’re looking for, so as long as you don’t screw it very badly during the internship, we’re sure we’ll make a long and beautiful story together. We hate to state the obvious, but you should be able to talk about the meaning of life, in english, that is.

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