QA Intern for AWS deployment wizard
@IXIA ROMANIA, în Strada Știrbei Vodă nr.36, Bucharest, Romania


Project description: Interactive deployment wizard for AWS

Virtual Application and Threat Intelligence Processing (vATIP) is a visibility tool that provides application-level network traffic information and associated meta-data, such as geographic location, device, operating system, browser, and related network session information.

Our product is intended to interoperate with the other virtual visibility products that Ixia is offering, as to offer a complete visibility solution for private and public cloud environments. What we intend to do is build an automated interactive tool (script based) to integrate the functionality of the various virtual visibility products we own:

  • Public cloud(AWS)- interactive tool to configure a new Cloud Tap instance, together with virtual ATIP instances to process taped traffic, importing configuration for both products, and managing multiple instances from the same place. User would only input the hosts she wants to monitor, type of traffic and possible the duration for which she wants the traffic monitored. Based on the input, the script would create the Cloud Tap and virtual ATIP environment

  • Private cloud–interactive tool for integrating virtual tap, virtual packet broker and virtual ATIP. This would allow the user the option to choose between installing new instances of each of the producs, or use existing ones, configure forwarding settings between vtap and virtual packet broker, configure packet processing on virtual packet broker side, then set application filtering options on virtual ATIP side (including Netflow functionality, or GRE forwarding towards other security tools). It will also offer support for import configurations and manage multiple instances from the same place


Skills needed:

  • Scripting or basic programming (must), Java (nice to have)
  • Fundamental networking skills (Virtualization is a plus)


What you will learn:

  • QA processes and Agile methodologies inside a project in Cloud & Security area within our work environment
  • Work in a project with multiple stakeholders and involved parties, in two locations, Austin and Bucharest
  • Expanding knowledge in two hot global topics today-public and private cloud infrastructures, and application threat and intelligence
  • Extend networking fundamentals skills and knowledge
  • Extending scripting knowledge(eg. bash, python, Ruby and/or programming skills), by developing a fully automated tool to integrate with Ixia visibility tools, get familiar with Ixia’s products
  • Cloud virtualization knowledge for VMware, KVM, potentially Xen, Hyper-V (user and admin level configurations, architectures), understanding how a 3rd party app is incorporated into these architectures
  • AWS knowledge

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