@Heaven Solutions, în Strada Vasile Pogor, Nr. 6, Iași County, Romania


If you were wandering for new opportunities for practical experiences, you might have just come to the right place! In order to be sure about it, here’s a glimpse of who we really are!

Here is the place where work combines relaxation with professionalism. Hard to believe, but passion overcomes tiredness and we don’t complain for the latter when we have the first. As a fact, most of us started their career here and oh, how we daily develop. We still have a lot to tell, but come and see it for yourself!

Your role:
Are you the student eager to gain practical experience and ready to work on a brand new web application project? We can help you discover what you’re good at, but we are looking for an ambitious, innovative and flexible student who wants to go the extra mile if necessary.


Your challenge:

  • Get involved in all the research and development stages of the project. We’ll be there to guide you
  • Write and maintain good quality code. Don’t worry if you don’t excel at it, we’ll make sure you improve and become really good.
  • Be creative and don’t settle for the first solution. That should prove your commitment and we see this as a recommendation.

It will be great if:

  • You are comfortable with data structures and complex algorithms
  • You are rigorous about algorithm complexities and optimization
  • Have plenty of passion about applying machine learning algorithms on new problems
  • Have good knowledge of a programming language (C#, Java, Python or JavaScript) and you are open to learn new ones

And you’ll be able to be:

  • Creative and innovative. Play with your ideas
  • Have the ability to interact, communicate and present ideas. It’s how we understand your work
  • Committed to constant learning. It’s how you evolve.


What we facilitate:

  • You’ll meet a lively, dynamic and relaxed work environment. It’s a promise!
  • You’ll rely on the help of our mentors and find explanations when questions tickle your curiosity. And we bet you’ll find the answers!
  • We provide a flexible work schedule. Classes are also important!

We share the same vision

  • We invite you to find meaning in your work,
  • We carry our values everywhere: We do communicate openly and directly to establish trust among us. We also want to continuously improve ourselves and, together, deliver value as a team!

Other short mentions:

  • Duration: Depending on the length of the project!
  • Workload Negotiable. 50% - 100%, As much as you want!
  • Starting Date: Negotiable. The sooner, the better!

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