Embedded Imaging Engineer
@FotoNation, în AFI Park 5, Bulevardul Timișoara 4a, Bucharest, Romania


You will directly cooperate with the R&D team to understand what wild idea they have and how you should make the damn thing work in an embedded device. This could be a mobile phone, a camera platform, a drone or whatever any other system that has a CPU and runs on a battery.

You will familiarize yourself with our state of the art technologies (Panorama, Still/Video Face Beautification, HDR, Video Image Stabilization) and understand how image processing and computer vision algorithms work.

Our engineers know many things, so as part of our internship you will attend photography, machine learning, programming, and image processing training courses.


You should be fluent in C/C++ language, as you will be involved in developing and integrating embedded libraries. Knowing .NET, WPF and integration with native libraries will certainly be a plus as sometimes your project will have some sort of a graphic interface.

If you already know OpenGL and Java/Android, you are a step closer to our position, but if not, all you need is a solid understanding of Computer Science fundamentals (things like data structures, algorithm design, memory organization, complexity analysis). You should have the desire to always make things work faster and faster! So it’s perfect if you already know Neon, Hexagon, OpenCL, multi-threading or any other technology that’s capable of accelerating stuff.

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