@THALES SYSTEMS ROMANIA, în Splaiul Independenței, București, Romania


Internship Topic:

Automatic Code Analyser

The main goal of this project is to design a tool which performs an automatic code analysis based on specific design constraints. Our application (i.e. IM) runs on TAS platform (real-time OS). Between IM and TAS there is a communication layer which delivers an API for our application. The purpose of ACA (automatic code analyser) is to identify design issues (e.g. the communication layer components use data or methods from IM).

Specific tasks will be:

  • Set-up development environment (using our existing Java project or any other programming language)
  • Find the optimal solution to solve the problem (time-complexity constrains must be taken into account)
  • Implementation of the solution after proof of concept
  • Document the solution


Required skills:

  • C/C++, Java programming
  • OOP design patterns
  • Eclipse IDE, compilers, makefiles
  • Versioning tools (ClearCase, Git) would be a plus
  • Team Collaboration tools (JIRA) would be a plus
  • Scripting languages would be a plus


  • You are challenged to develop a critical component of a system that insures people's safety
  • You learn to develop or test software for train control
  • You are part of an international and interdisciplinary team (Germany, Austria)
  • You acquire a wide range of skills by using a variety of tools and working methods; you have access to documentation and specialised sites (ex. www.ieee.org)
  • You have the possibility to get a permanent contract and international mobility
  • The internship is paid; in addition you receive food vouchers and free access to a gym, sauna and swimming pool
  • You have flexible 6/8 hours / day, adjusted to your study needs

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