WORDMINDS SRL is a local company representing an international agency which provides linguistic services to worldwide companies. Find out more on our website: www.wordminds.com

We are a young and dynamic team that is concerned with personal and professional development of the young generation, that we are part of as well. We offer a professional development plan, with coaching and mentoring practices, as we do believe that true Leadership is the key asset to grow a business.

We wish to reach Top 100 language service providers worldwide and we wish you to be here when we do and celebrate success with us.

Sf. Andrei 53, Iasi

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Sales Representative
Sf. Andrei 53, Iasi
Establishing contact with potential clients via phone and email and identifying key decision-makers within companies with a regular need for the services we provide Converting contacts into service buyers using sales techniques (prospecting, overcoming objections, making appointments, etc.) Educate prospects on our solutions and communicate the capabilities, benefits, and competitive advantages of working with Wordminds…